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The British Lolly Shop's range of the finest British sweets is well known not only to the large ex-patriot community, but also to our expanding following of Australian and New Zealanders who have discovered not only the great flavours of British sweets but also range!

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Musk Pencil Pieces 100g

Price: $5.00

Scottish Tablet 100gm bag

Price: $4.50

Treacle Pieces 100g

Price: $4.00

Ross's Orange & Lemon Creams 100g

Price: $4.30

Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs 100g

Price: $4.00

Ross's Soor Plooms 100g

Price: $4.30

Polo Mints Original 34g

Price: $2.50

Pink & White Nougat 150g

Price: $5.50

Cough Candy (Squill) 100g

Price: $4.00