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The British Lolly Shop's range of the finest British sweets is well known not only to the large ex-patriot community, but also to our expanding following of Australian and New Zealanders who have discovered not only the great flavours of British sweets but also range!


Parsons Pickled Cockles Jar 155g

Price: $8.50

Sarson's Original Malt Vinegar 250ml

Price: $5.95

Vimto Cordial 1ltr

Price: $9.50

Robinsons Summer Fruits Cordial

Price: $9.50

Haywards Red Cabbage 400g

Price: $9.50

Barry's Tea Irish Breakfast 80s

Price: $13.95

Barry's Tea Gold Blend 80s

Price: $13.95

PG Tips Tea Bags - 40s

Price: $6.95

Heinz Sandwich Spread 300g

Price: $7.00

Atora Vegetable Suet

Price: $7.00